i-TIC Foundation IIT Hyderabad
Technology Business Incubator

Registration no: 666 of 2015

Startup functioning at i-TIC IITH Incubator are

  • Lemon Flip Solutions Pvt Ltd :
  • Working on high performance rfic soc solutions. Primarily military and defence application. Mentor astray microwave and silab tech. 1st prototype around end of 2017.

  • Restyro technologies Pvt Ltd :
  • M/s Restyro Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a start-up company focused on the research and development of polymer nanofibres based technology and products. The company offers innovative solution to recycle polystyrene waste objects to make useful fabrics for oil spills cleaning and flexible insulator. It also promotes nanofibers based products for energy and healthcare applications.

  • PuREnergy Pvt. Ltd :
  • PuREnergy is an IIT Hyderabad based start-up, which is a developer of aesthetically appealing solar structures, and also providing high quality and innovative solar energy solutions for industrial and commercial users.

    Our mission is :

    Harvesting solar energy from untapped areas, and making society to know about customer's environmental awareness and investments through high quality and efficient solar installations.

    We will scan the existing energy solutions & identify appropriate products. Our concepts will achieve 30 to 97% of land saving compared to the equivalent traditional solar mounting structures. We have been successful in solving the following problems

    1. Land crunch for renewable energy in urban scenario
    2. Harvesting solar energy in untapped complex roof-top areas
    3. Presenting durable and hybrid systems

  • Plianto Technologies Pvt. Ltd :
  • Institutes of higher learning are grappling to overcome various operational challenges w.r.t scale, scope, security and statutory. Almost every institute, big or small, has immense scope for streamlining operations across activities. In fact, the need of the hour is a scalable, flexible and future-ready system that can facilitate the integration of various subsystems for achieving greater operational efficiency. In order to achieve better operational efficiencies and to facilitate effective management, it is imperative that academic institutions have a comprehensive and customizable management system with scalable modules and an automated backend. Plianto Technologies is a team of experts having a combined experience of more than 60 years in software design and development. The company develops flexible and innovative software solutions for higher education institutions.

  • SKIoT Technologies :
  • IoT Labs Pvt. Ltd. started in the year 2016 and is incubated at IIT Hyderabad. Comprising a team of very passionate engineers in the field of emerging Internet of Things, we promise to offer better solutions in the arena of smarter society. As we are based out in IIT Hyderabad, we have a very good research and development experience in the areas of wireless communications, sensors and signal processing. Our vision and mission are furnished below

    Vision :

    To be the most innovative R&D Labs for IoT technologies in the global market, where every customer can improve his quality of living with our solutions.

    Mission :

    To discover, develop and deliver innovative products based on IoT technologies for better mankind at affordable prices.

  • WiSig Networks :
  • Our vision is to create a world's leading IP (Intellectual Property) company that specializes in Product IP in the area of 5G mobile communications, including mobile broadband and Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems.

    Presently, WiSig Networks is offering 3GPP 5G NR Base Station (BS) L1 and Protocol Stack. We are working with leading industry players to push our 5G Massive MIMO and Cloud RAN solutions to the market. Our product line-up includes 3GPP Release 13/14 compliant Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and LTE Cat M1 Physical Layer and Protocol Stack for BS and user equipment (UE).

    WiSig Networks' workforce includes 40+ employees with strong cellular communications background.

  • SenseHealth Technologies Pvt. Ltd :
  • SenseHealth Technologies Pvt. Ltd brings together the cutting edge technology in the domain of healthcare at the affordable cost without compromising the quality. A team of passionate researchers and developers with a vision of making dream of "indigenization" and "digital India" successful are working day and night to meet the fore-mentioned targets. Their belief is "healthcare for all and healthcare everywhere" irrespective of the distance, economic status and livelihood. Currently the focus of the start-up is on the cardio-vascular health and immensely working at getting several cardio-vascular related products to the market at the earliest. The start-up also is investigating the other healthcare avenues which are still under research and will gradually unfold.

  • OSure Care Pvt. Ltd. :
  • O'sure is a manufacturer company for a high quality Portable Mass Spectrometer for Malnutrition Detection and other disease early detection through different biomarker and wearable vital signs monitoring devices.

    website: www.grey-osure.com

  • Acausal Automation Private Limited :
  • We focus on intellectual property generation and innovative product development in automation and robotics applications for education, research, offices, manufacturing industry, service industry, entertainment, surveillance, law enforcement, healthcare, hostile environments, assistance, waste management and garbage handling, transport, agriculture and/or for personal use at homes. Currently, we are working on a rehabilitation robot for physiotherapy.